To celebrate 100k downloads, I’m tweeting the 10 most downloaded ERRR episodes over the next few days … 

🔟 At number 10 we have John Hattie defending the meta-analysis!

9️⃣ Number 9 is with @DrLSHammond talking about the power of Direct Instruction and Instructional Coaching

8️⃣ Number 8 is @daisychristo talking about the intricacies of assessment, and the power of comparative judgment.

7️⃣-6️⃣ The 7th and 6th most downloaded Education Research Reading Room Podcast episodes are with @johnlPBL and Janet Kolodner on Project Based Learning! and

5️⃣ Fifth most downloaded ERRR episode (incredible given that it was only released a month ago) is my discussion with @natwexler on the importance of knowledge to reading comprehension and closing the achievement gap!

4️⃣ Fourth most downloaded ERRR episode is with the redoubtable Viviane Robinson. If ur keen for some insightful leadership tips and tricks, as well as hearing the first role plays on the ERRR podcast, you might enjoy this one.

3️⃣ People love practical, actionable advice, part of why my discussion w @JudithCHochman is so popular. In this episode (3rd most downloaded episode of the ERRR podcast!), Judy unpacks just what it takes to teach students to write.

2️⃣ 1️⃣ Most downloaded ERRR ep is a tie! Only a one download diff between @dylanwiliam and Bill Rogers. Both talk about leadership, Dylan about Leadership for Teacher Learning, and Bill about Behaviour. Enjoy!